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ASKALE Cement Plant(Turkey) - 2400t/d Capacity Upgrading System
ASKALE Cement Plant (Turkey)- Raw Mill ESP/Steel Stack of 82 m Height
MARDIN Cement  Plant(Turkey) –Roller Press Unit Conveying System (Belt Conveyors,Air Slides ,Steel Structures)
ÇORUM  Cement Plant(Turkey)  – Seperator Outlet Recycling Unit/ Conveying System And Mill Modification
SAMSUN Cement Plant(Turkey) – Conveying System (Belt Conveyors)
SOKE  Cement Plant (Turkey) – B=1400mm,Q=1800 tph Apron Conveyor
ASLAN  Cement Plant(Turkey) – New Cement Mill’s /Conveying System ( Belt  Conveyors , Air Slides)
NUH Cement Plant (Turkey) – White Brick Plant/Steel Structures and Conveying System ( Belt Conveyors)
NUH Cement Plant (Turkey) – New Cement Mill 4and Transportation System
KONYA  Cement  Plant(Turkey) – New Mill Feeding Unit/  Belt Conveyor Brides and Various Mechanical Equipment  
KONYA Cemenr Plant (Turkey) – Loesche Mill Upgrading System
BASTAS Cement Plant Turkey) – Reclaimer System/Belt  Conveyors
BASTAS  Cement Plant (Turkey) – Cement Mill – 3 Capacity Upgrading
BASTAS Cement Plant (Turkey) –Raw Mill 1 /Belt Conveyor System
BURSA CementPlant (Turkey) – Clinker Cooler Chain Conveyor
ADANA  Cement Plant (Turkey) –Roller Pres Unit / Conveying Systems.
KELETE  Cement Plant (Turkmenistan) – Conveying Systems (Belt Conveyors, Air Slides) .
DAL TEKNIK /PIOENEER Cement Plant (Pakistan)- Kiln Line 2/ Preheater Tower
AS Cement Plant(Turkey)  – 3300 t/d New Clinker Line
AS Cement Plant (Turkey) – Roller Pres Unit
AKCANSA Cement Plant (Turkey)-Raw Mill Transportation System/Steel Structures
ELAZIG Cement Plant (Turkey) – 2500 t/d Capacity Upgrading System.
ELAZIG Cement Plant(Turkey) – Roller Press Unit/ Hot Gas  Ducting
ELAZIG Cement  Plant (Turkey) – Raw Metarial Stockyard/New Belt Conveyors
KONYA  Cement Plant(Turkey) – HoromıII-2  and Transportation Systems
YIBITAS/CORUM  Cement  Plant (Turkey) – Cooling Tower Unit
KIPAS/KAHRAMANMARAS Cement Plant (Turkey)– Raw  Mill Unit
KIPAS/KAHRAMANMARAS Cement Plant(Turkey) - Cement Mills/ Hot Gas Ducting,
KONYA CementPlant(Turkey)  –Karaomerler Raw Metarial Transportation System
MARDIN Cement Plant;(Turkey) -  Kiln 1/Capacity Upgrading
MARDIN  Cement Plant (Turkey) –Clinker Silo/Dedusting System
MARDIN Cement Plant(Turkey) -  Kiln 2/Modification Of Tertiary Air Cyclone
MARDIN CementPlant (Turkey) – Cement Mills 1 & 2/ Dedusting System
POLIMEKS/JEBEL  Cement Plant (Turkmenistan) – Conveying System  (Belt Conveyors, Air Slides)
POLIMEKS/LEBAP Cement Plant ,(Turkmenistan)- Conveying System ( Belt Conveyors, Air Slides)
CIMKO/ADIYAMAN Cement Plant(Turkey) –CementMills/ Dedusting Systems
QAZAX  Cement Plant(Azarbaijan)  - 2500 t/d New Clinker Production Line
YURT Cement Plant  MUS (Turkey)-Roller Press Unit
KONYA  Cement Plant (Turkey) – Kiln-1 RDF Feeding Belt Conveyors
LİMAK Cement Plant(Turkey) – Hot Gas Ducting For New Raw Mill and Cement Mill
BASTAS BASKENT Cement Plant (Turkey) – Overflow Bunker’s  Air Slides  
CIMSA  Cement Plant Kayseri (Turkey) – New Clinker Silo and Clinker Transportation to Existing Cement Mill’s Bunkers
ÇIMTEK A.Ş. KONYA  Cement Plant (Turkey)– Clinker Transportation to New Stockyard
CIMTEK A.Ş. BASTAS  Cement  Plant(Turkey) - Clinker Transportation to New Stockyard
GUMUSHANE Cement Plant (Turkey)- 4000 t/d New Clinker Producting Line


SOMA Thermal Power Plant(Turkey) – Coal Transportation System  
QUETTA Power Plant (Pakistan) -  Heat Recovery System Generator(HRSG) Casing and  Steel  Structures
KAZAKHSTAN Power Plant(Kazakhstan)-  Steel  Structures and Stucks
ORHANELI Thermal Power Plant (Turkey)– Limestone Storage Conveying System
BOZUYUK-AKFEN (Turkey)– Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) /Casing and Steel Structures
GAMA –AYEN/OSTIM (Turkey)  – 35 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Supporting  Steel.
YATAGAN  Thermal Power Plant (Turkey) –Desulphurization System
CAYIRHAN Thermal Power Plant (Turkey)- Modification of Belt Conveyors
CAYIRHAN Thermal Power Plant (Turkey)  – “G” Site Belt  Conveyors and Steel Structures
YESIL /SIVAS Hydroelectric  Power Plant (Turkey)-Various Steel Structures


TURKMENBASHI  Refinery (Turkmenistan)– Continuous Catalyst Regeneeration (CCR)Unit/Steel Structures
TURKMENBASHI  Refinery (Turkmenistan) – MilliSecond Catalyst Craking (MSCC) Unit /Tower
TURKMENBASHI  Refinery (Turkmenistan) – Desalination Building.
TUPRAS- IZMIR  Refinery (Turkey) Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) and Isomerization Units/Pipe Racks
PETKIM (Turkey) –Nippon Steel City Produce ( NSCP)/ Platforms.
BAKU- TIBLISI-CEYHAN (Multinational)- Crude Oil Export Pipeline/Platforms
INTRA– TUPRAS-IZMIT (Turkey) -  Pipe Conveyor Line Carriers
AKKIM (Turkey)-  Hydrogen Peroxide Unıt / Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers
KARAMAN Alcohol Preparation Plant (Turkey)-  – Steel Structures.
CUMRA Sugar Factory (Turkey) – Coal Transportation System/Consultancy of Transportation System


ERDEMIR Iron and Steel Company(Turkey) –  Service Center /Steel Construction
ERDEMIR Iron and Steel Company(Turkey) – Acid Regeneration Plant 2
İSDEMIR Iron and Steel Company (Turkey) – Burnt Lime Plant No:7
İSDEMIR Iron and Steel Company (Turkey) – Pulverized Coal İnjection (PCI) System /Pipe Conveyors and Supporting Steels
İSDEMIR Iron and Steel Company (Turkey) – Burnt Lime Plant No:8 /Pump Station Building.
LISCO Libyan Iron and Steel Company (Libyan)-Expansion of Raw Material Handling System/ShipLoading Conveyors


ANADOLU MIKRONIZE (Turkey) – 14t/h ( 2Microns)  Calcite Grinding and Packing Plant
ONPO (Turkey)- Gypsum Plant
IMERYS-MILAS NA-Feldspat Plant (Turkey)- Magnetic Seperation System


BOUIRA/TEBESSA (Algeria)- Flour Plant- Steel Structures
TURKISH GRAIN BOARD/BOLVADIN (Turkey) -Poppy  Processing Plant – Belt Conveyors
TURKISH GRAIN BOARD/BOLVADIN (Turkey) – Stockyard Conveyors
GREATER İSTANBUL  Water Supply  Project(Turkey) – Melen System of Cumhuriyet Water Treatment Plant /Piping
The Aluminium Company Of Egypt(Egypt)-Egyrtalum Coke Dust Feeding System Project
BERKEL (Afganistan) - OKUT Iron Ore Crushing and Screening Plant
MOSCOW/ Nahabino Sport Complex (Russia)– Various Steel Structures.
İSTANBUL/ Tatilya Tourism Center (Turkey) – Roof Cleaning Cars.
İSTANBUL/ Eminönü Municipality (Turkey)– Double Storied  Steel Structure Autopark.
GEBZE-Yapı Kredi Bank(Turkey) – Operation Center /Steel Structures.
İSTANBUL/  Topkapı Palace (Turkey)- Exhibition Center /Various Steel structures for Protection Historical Parts.
ADANA / USA INCIRLIK Air  Base (Turkey) – Golf Courtyard / Steel Structures of Vehicles Maintanence Hall.
İSTANBUL Olympic Stadium (Turkey) – Steel Structure Roofing System
MADEN YAPI  Gebze  Crushing and Screening Plant (Turley)- Transportation Systems